Fix your cracks Now!



We offer a range of services to our customers with utmost satisfaction. Our services include:

  1. Basement Repair 

Are you looking for an efficient basement repair service? Dr. Crack Repair is the right choice for you. 

Our company’s experts perform crack repair service in the basement from both, interior and exterior of the office and home. The foundation is pressure-washed and cracks are repaired, and the weeping tiles are placed again. When doing the repair work, we make sure to place new gravel on top of weeping the tiles and along with this, we install two waterproof membranes over the entire foundation. 

  1. Crack Repair   

It is common to discover cracks inside and outside of the home on floors and foundation walls. The type of waterproofing used for crack repair varies on the area and size of the crack. We use two methods of using crack repair:

Interior Cracks: For poured concrete foundation, they can be fixed from inside without the need for digging. We use required equipment for this process to get successful results. 

Exterior Cracks: If the cracks are outside of the foundation, our technicians repair by excavating to the bottom and then exposing full length of the crack. 

  1. Commercial and Industrial Foundation Repair Services 

With a combined experience of many years, our team of technicians is skilled to perform the job in the right manner. We provide complete protection for your foundation and repair it after comprehensive inspection to avoid mistakes. 

Dr. Cracks Repair is a firm you can rely on. We offer best quality services to all our customers and build a never-ending bond with them